Deep Dive Into Flask Guide

Become a better web developer by taking a deep dive into Flask's internals to learn about its core features and functionality.

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Flask is a Python web framework
designed for easily developing web applications.

Flask provides the following key pieces of functionality:

  • Routing
  • Request Handling
  • Configuration
  • Structure (via Blueprints)
  • Error Handling
  • Sessions
  • Templates
  • Static Files
  • Logging
  • Message Flashing

Beyond this core set of functionality, there are a number of community-driven extensions available for adding additional pieces of functionality.

The Deep Dive Into Flask Guide provides a roadmap where you'll crack open the hood to learn about Flask's internal core functionality to help you build complex web applications.

The best part? The guide is completely free.

What's in the guide?

The Deep Dive Into Flask Guide covers topics like:

  • The Application and Request Contexts
  • Werkzeug
  • Sessions
  • Security
  • Testing
  • Asynchronous route handlers

You don't have to learn everything all at once. The guide is meant to be read over a longer period of time as you mature and write more and more code.

  • Learn the internals of the Application and Request contexts
  • Understand how Werkzeug powers Flask
  • Learn how to effectively use Sessions in Flask
  • Understand key security features in Flask
  • Use pytest to simplify Test-Driven Development in Flask
  • Create asynchronous route handlers

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Understanding the Application and Request Contexts in Flask

This tutorial provides a basic overview of how the Application and Request contexts work in Flask.

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Deep Dive into Flask's Application and Request Contexts

This tutorial is an advanced look at how the Application and Request contexts work in Flask.

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What is Werkzeug?

Learn what Werkzeug is and how Flask uses it for its core HTTP functionality.

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Sessions in Flask

Learn how sessions work in Flask.

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Server-side Sessions in Flask with Redis

Learn how server-side sessions can be utilized in Flask with Flask-Session and Redis.

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CSRF Protection in Flask

This article looks at what CSRF is and how to prevent a CSRF attack in Flask.

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Testing Flask Applications with Pytest

This articles serves as a guide to testing Flask applications with pytest.

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Async in Flask 2.0

This article looks at Flask 2.0's new async functionality and how to leverage it in your Flask projects.

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