• Running Flask on Kubernetes

    Posted by Michael Herman on Sep 19, 2018

    The following is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to deploy a Flask-based microservice (along with Postgres and Vue.js) to a Kubernetes cluster.

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  • Distributed Testing with Selenium Grid and Docker

    Posted by Michael Herman on Mar 19, 2018

    This post shows how to distribute automated tests with Selenium Grid and Docker Swarm. We'll also look at how to run tests against a number of browsers and automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of machines to keep costs down.

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  • Building A Concurrent Web Scraper With Python and Selenium

    Posted by Caleb Pollman on Feb 19, 2018

    This is a quick post that looks at how to speed up a simple, Python-based web scraping and crawling script with parallel processing via the multiprocessing library. We'll also break down the script itself and show how to test the parsing functionality.

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