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  1. I am very much into buying and purchasing any course by you and your team. I’ve never felt like a better programmer ready to show my coding chops to the world.
    - Gamal Ali

  2. As a practicing anesthesiologist and a computer geek from way back, I’ve had a number of projects (without confidential data, of course) that I’ve been trying to get off the ground. But I kept going around in circles with Docker, Flask & React. Michael’s book is well written, clear and has given me a great base of knowledge and best practice in regards to really getting my projects done. Best of all, it’s given me the confidence to just get on and get coding. Thanks!!
    - Ross Scott-Weekly

  3. Great resource! If you want to get practical knowledge about microservices, implementing Flask and React and Dockerizing it - I’m sure you will be satisfied.
    - Piotr Szkiecin

  4. Michael’s course will not only help you to finally understand microservices, it will also provide you with a highly practical and useful sample application along with a very well structured eBook. Before taking this course I struggled to get a robust backend up and running. I didn’t know whether I should go with a monolith or microservices architecture. This course not only gave me the necessary insights to make this decision it also helped me to code a production grade web application. It was fairly easy to build my own application with this course and use Michael’s structure as a blueprint. In the end I was also able to brush up on Docker and learn how to containerize Flask microservices.”
    - Sascha Jullmann

  5. Money well spent. This course efficiently presents a walkthrough of modern full-stack development using all of the newest packages and tools, including Docker and React. In addition, the course creator has provided invaluable support, keeping me from getting stuck along the way. I would encourage anyone to purchase this course, whether you want to learn full-stack development from scratch or just want to see what the modern landscape looks like.
    - Colin Heye

  6. The test driven course is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever done for any language, any platform, any price range… just one of the most thorough and well-sourced tutorials around. I’ve started a few projects based on the end result from step 4, and I still go back to reference certain chapters occasionally.
    - Chris Mullins

  7. I’ve been developing in Python and Flask for quite some time exclusively in a monolithic architecture. As someone who works mainly in infrastructure automation and on the SRE side I had seen a lot of microservice patterns in different languages. While I was good at identifying and sorting them out, I found that when I was attempting to design my own with Python I was struggling. I’d narrowed this to the fact that Flask has no design pattern for microservices and thus Flask’s unopinionated nature actually made it hard for me to discern bad patterns from good patterns. Michael’s tutorial helps sift through all the things you learn along the way with Flask while also incorporating some great industry patterns like the use of NGINX as a proxy for microservices. Additionally, he makes mention of more advanced topics like service discovery, which is something few people outside of infrastructure are ever forward thinking about. Michael’s tutorial is one that you can reread many times and learn something new each time, even things he doesn’t explicitly point out. If you’re looking for a solid microservice pattern with Flask this is an outstanding way to learn and build.
    - Matthew Ouille

  8. This course gradually walks you through the development of a production-ready microservices application using Flask, Docker, React, NGINX, and AWS. It is very easy to follow; and, at the end of it, I felt comfortable building my own project from scratch using the principles from the course. I recommend the course to developers of any skill level who want to learn about microservices.
    - Eric deRegt

  9. This book is one of the most practical and educational guides I’ve ever come across. I felt like I got years’ worth of experience just by going through the tutorials. As the solo engineer of our startup, Michael’s in-depth guide helped me build a robust architecture, adopt best practices around testing and deployment, and launched our initial product in just 2 months. I originally modeled our architecture off V1 of the book, however, was happy to pay for the full V2 edition since this is one of the few guides that is 100% up to date with Docker, Flask, and React. I’m looking forward to getting updates and new courses from Micheal!
    - Shawn Vo

  10. If you want to learn how to create a modern app from frontend to backend to live deployment using software engineering best practices from start to finish, testdriven.io will get you there.
    - Elmer Thomas