Here's what students are saying about our courses.

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  1. I'm enjoying Patrick Kennedy's "Developing Web Applications with Python and Flask" course. I love the in-depth explanations of how Flask works under the hood, and I'm switching from unittest to Pytest as well. TestDriven.io is definitely the best site for teaching unit/integration/functional testing.
    - Sean McCarthy

  2. Michael's courses have enabled me to go from idea to a fully formed application with real users using them every day. His writing is terrific and the material strikes a good balance between being practical and theoretical as well as showing you some gotchas. Well worth every single dollar. I just wish there were more of them!
    - Gustav Lindqvist

  3. "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker" is a great course for learning, not only API development, but the larger environment and workflow behind building a modern, well-tested, CI/CD-enabled API. I don't know of any other course that takes this approach from the ground up and I have found it very valuable to go through the entire workflow. I look forward to doing the next course!
    - Nicholas Pretorius

  4. I completed "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker". The course is well-structured and the concepts are taught in a logical order. My main takeaways were being able to set up a RESTful API with Flask; properly containerize my development, testing, and production environments; and use a test-first development workflow. This course does an amazing job showing what proper software development looks like!
    - Ty Shaikh

  5. "Test-Driven Development with FastAPI and Docker" is a great course. We're using almost the exact same stack at work for a new project, so the course has provided me with a lot of immediate value. It's hard to find resources like it that cleanly bring in all of the working pieces without dragging on forever.
    - Fisher Ankney

  6. I've completed the "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker" and "Deploying a Flask and React Microservice to AWS ECS" courses. They both were a hugely valuable learning experience. As a self-taught programmer, having a professional explain in detail modern approaches to application architecture and deployment was incredibly valuable and has saved me countless hours of YouTube rabbit-holes.
    - Oliver Mansell

  7. I struggled for a long time figuring out the best way to use Docker in development. The Docker workflow presented in the "Test-Driven Development with Django, Django REST Framework, and Docker" course is by far the best I've come across.
    - Dor Bar

  8. The "Test-Driven Development with FastAPI and Docker" course has really nice pacing and progression. I'm grateful to be able to learn about FastAPI with Docker as well as TDD since it's been intimidating for me.
    - Blaise Pabon

  9. I've been reading quite a bit around the Internet on how to start moving our monolithic app that became a monster to a microservice architecture. I had a hard time wrapping my head around how to do it; and, I have to be honest, it was scary and I wasn't sure I could do it. After finding out about TestDriven.io and signing up for the "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker" and "Authentication with Flask, React, and Docker" courses, I finally was able to understand how to develop microservices with all the tools that are being used in the enterprise world. The courses are easy to understand and, at the same time, deep enough to get you started in the world of microservices.
    - Qasim Albaqali

  10. The TestDriven.io courses are worth 10 times what I paid for them.
    - Ryan Bertram

  11. I really enjoyed taking the "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker" course. It covers many valuable topics missed in other courses. I also appreciated the many links to resources to topics that are mentioned and not covered here. Even though my preference is video when it comes to learning, this experienced changed that for me. I will go back for more.
    - Raz Damaschin

  12. I'm amazed by the quality of the "Test-Driven Development With Python, Flask, and Docker" course. It exceeded my expectations. You use a lot of great tools that I wish I knew when I started with Flask and Docker.
    - Ricardo López Esparza

  13. "The TestDriven.io courses are second to none. I've taken the "Test-Driven Development with Django, Django REST Framework, and Docker" course and have found it to be the perfect concentrate. The author, Michael Herman, manages to cover a really broad range of technologies and conveys the information in such way that each snippet gives me something new to learn while keeping momentum. I'm now confident in my deployment strategy and am looking forward to doing the next course. Keep up the good work!
    - Wade Mansell

  14. The "Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React" course is the best course I've ever purchased! It teaches you how to design and build a microservices web application that can be deployed as a real production app. What really makes Michael's teaching unique is that after the basic guidelines, he pushes you to read and explore each tool, technology, and framework used in the course -- thus making you a better software engineer!
    - Anargyros Papaefstathiou

  15. I really enjoyed the "Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker" course! I built two Flask applications before going through the course that were very inconsistent. This course gave me production-level consistency as well as many advanced Flask features I did not know about. Previously, I had a Flask application driving both the front and back-end with just Jinja rendering the templates. Now I am building a more robust project with Flask as a REST API on the back-end and React as client-side app. So this course along with "Authentication with Flask, React, and Docker" are perfect for me. Thanks!
    - Filip Michalsky

  16. Just a word of thanks for doing such a great job with these training courses. The thorough, entire-lifecycle approach -- from implementation through test, coverage, quality, CI/CD, and all the rest -- is what separates these courses from other training material that I've completed. I'll be able to walk away from here with knowledge and skills that I can apply immediately at work -- and for that I'm grateful. It's a rare gift in an environment where so much 'training' is really just lightweight treatment that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of real, end-to-end software development. Really well done!
    - Jeff Kester

  17. I purchased two TestDriven.io courses and am very happy I did. They follow best practices and go in depth into what a production app should look like. Unlike normal courses and tutorials, you end up with a production ready app that you can easily build upon and deploy. I had a few questions along the way and the Michael, the author of the courses, was very helpful in resolving my issues. Overall, I highly recommend the TestDriven.io courses!
    - Keith Kraker

  18. I am very much into buying and purchasing any course by you and your team. I've never felt like a better programmer ready to show my coding chops to the world.
    - Gamal Ali

  19. As a practicing anesthesiologist and a computer geek from way back, I've had a number of projects (without confidential data, of course) that I've been trying to get off the ground. But I kept going around in circles with Docker, Flask & React. Michael's book is well written, clear and has given me a great base of knowledge and best practice in regards to really getting my projects done. Best of all, it's given me the confidence to just get on and get coding. Thanks!!
    - Ross Scott-Weekly

  20. Great resource! If you want to get practical knowledge about microservices, implementing Flask and React and Dockerizing it - I'm sure you will be satisfied.
    - Piotr Szkiecin

  21. Michael's course will not only help you to finally understand microservices, it will also provide you with a highly practical and useful sample application along with a very well structured eBook. Before taking this course I struggled to get a robust backend up and running. I didn't know whether I should go with a monolith or microservices architecture. This course not only gave me the necessary insights to make this decision it also helped me to code a production grade web application. It was fairly easy to build my own application with this course and use Michael's structure as a blueprint. In the end I was also able to brush up on Docker and learn how to containerize Flask microservices."
    - Sascha Jullmann

  22. Money well spent. This course efficiently presents a walkthrough of modern full-stack development using all of the newest packages and tools, including Docker and React. In addition, the course creator has provided invaluable support, keeping me from getting stuck along the way. I would encourage anyone to purchase this course, whether you want to learn full-stack development from scratch or just want to see what the modern landscape looks like.
    - Colin Heye

  23. The test driven course is one of the best tutorials I've ever done for any language, any platform, any price range... just one of the most thorough and well-sourced tutorials around. I've started a few projects based on the end result from step 4, and I still go back to reference certain chapters occasionally.
    - Chris Mullins

  24. I've been developing in Python and Flask for quite some time exclusively in a monolithic architecture. As someone who works mainly in infrastructure automation and on the SRE side I had seen a lot of microservice patterns in different languages. While I was good at identifying and sorting them out, I found that when I was attempting to design my own with Python I was struggling. I'd narrowed this to the fact that Flask has no design pattern for microservices and thus Flask's unopinionated nature actually made it hard for me to discern bad patterns from good patterns. Michael's tutorial helps sift through all the things you learn along the way with Flask while also incorporating some great industry patterns like the use of NGINX as a proxy for microservices. Additionally, he makes mention of more advanced topics like service discovery, which is something few people outside of infrastructure are ever forward thinking about. Michael's tutorial is one that you can reread many times and learn something new each time, even things he doesn't explicitly point out. If you're looking for a solid microservice pattern with Flask this is an outstanding way to learn and build.
    - Matthew Ouille

  25. This course gradually walks you through the development of a production-ready microservices application using Flask, Docker, React, NGINX, and AWS. It is very easy to follow; and, at the end of it, I felt comfortable building my own project from scratch using the principles from the course. I recommend the course to developers of any skill level who want to learn about microservices.
    - Eric deRegt

  26. This book is one of the most practical and educational guides I've ever come across. I felt like I got years' worth of experience just by going through the tutorials. As the solo engineer of our startup, Michael's in-depth guide helped me build a robust architecture, adopt best practices around testing and deployment, and launched our initial product in just 2 months. I originally modeled our architecture off V1 of the book, however, was happy to pay for the full V2 edition since this is one of the few guides that is 100% up to date with Docker, Flask, and React. I'm looking forward to getting updates and new courses from Micheal!
    - Shawn Vo

  27. If you want to learn how to create a modern app from frontend to backend to live deployment using software engineering best practices from start to finish, TestDriven.io will get you there.
    - Elmer Thomas

  28. Michael's course is very well-structured with the exact amount of correct and apt information. His course worked well for me more than any expensive boot camp taking into account it requires hands-on coding, on real-life web application scenarios. The structure is well-paced wherein you learn a concept, try out the code and then just when you are stuck with some kind of complexity, Michael's subsequent notes clearly illustrate the solution. In a way, Michael has thought through the likely steps a student is going to face and laid out the course material accordingly. There is a lot of focus in the book on testing which I would recommend to anyone taking his course to diligently follow. I made the mistake of skipping all the tests and subsequently ended up with a lot of technical debt. Eventually I decided to not skip the tests and it worked wonders. The React part of the course is beautifully illustrated especially with the interaction between client and server. I managed to build a full web application using this book. There were many situations wherein I felt lost but revisiting the book after a few days and dissecting the code put me back on track. Looking forward to more stuff from Michael.
    - Prakash Roshan

  29. A great read for any developer who wants a comprehensive, complete, and updated walkthrough on microservices and test-driven development with a React-Python stack. Definitely one of the better books on the topic out there. I highly recommend it.
    - Tomas Torgrimsby

  30. I took the course earlier this year, and I recently went back to it when I had an opportunity to break a monolith project into microservices at work. It was immensely helpful - thanks!
    - danglingBond

  31. Michael's course was pivotal for our corporate transformation to a devops model using a microservices architecture in our Operations and Tools teams. It was critical for upskilling our staff and developing new processes, while providing an excellent framework for developing our tools. For old developers and new, this training helped us realize business outcomes and has become the bible for our devops teams.
    - Dallas Rathbone

  32. Before I purchased your course, I thought of myself as a confident developer with strong skills in both Python and structuring code. Your course has changed my point of view and helped me become an even stronger developer. The course is not about code snippets or tips and tricks or Docker or even coding - it's about thinking. Staying true to TDD, projects start with a test, but instead of building the projects out step-by-step, the course forces you to plan and think about structure and pick and choose the right tools on your own. You must think think about the development process as a whole. Thank you.
    - Anton Oleynik

  33. As someone who's already a senior developer but moving into a different development space, your courses are exactly what I need. I've had a hard time finding something advanced enough to propel me forward into this tricky, but exciting world of Python.
    - Logan Wright

  34. I have read tons of tutorials and documentations but nothing satisfied my hunger for microservices like the TestDriven.io course did. It combined popular technologies/frameworks in one comprehensive project. I would love to see more updates on this and related topics and will definitely buy and support succeeding courses.
    - Marc Villeres

  35. When attempting to further your knowledge on modern, practical Microservice architecture you could scour the web attempting to piece together various tutorials. Or you could just take this course. The amount of value I received far outweighs the cost; upon completion, you should feel comfortable running a fully containerized multi-environment platform on AWS using CI/CD best practices. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer free tutorials on supplementary content such as Kubernetes and Vault.
    - Marc Brown

  36. The "Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React" course is a highly practical walkthrough of a modern full-stack application. Even though I was already familiar with most of the building blocks and tools used within the course, I learned a lot while progressing through the chapters. I have found myself returning to specific topics over and over again when implementing my own solutions. Michael has done a great job tying together the components and tools in a practical manner.
    - Jani Karhunen

  37. The microservices course is one of the best advanced-beginner courses out there. My background is in Data Engineering and wanted to take some time to learn basic web-development. Almost all courses out there focus on just getting a web app set-up; which if you think about it - is useless in the grand scheme of things. But TestDriven.io has walked me through a simple set-up, deployment, CI and guided me using a very solid workflow. Thank you for putting this together. I have recommended this course to many of my friends, colleagues and family who are just starting out with CS. Looking forward to any future work from you!
    - Ashpreet Bedi

  38. Michael's course quickly got me up-to-speed with Flask, React, Docker, AWS and CI/CD. Being a self-taught developer, the course was an excellent resource to learn about many different tools and experience first hand how they all come together. This is something that you definitely can’t learn from hundreds of short tutorials available online. When I struggled with some bug half way through the course, Michael was very quick to respond over email and quickly put me on the right track. In the past few months I have recommended his course to numerous friends and I look forward to learning more from his new courses in the future.
    - Dmitry Rastorgue

  39. This is the best practical advanced-beginner programming course. Having used Docker, React, and Python for a few years, I still struggle to piece together a well-structured production-ready microservices architecture based web app. Michael's course is the eureka moment for me. The course structure is well-paced, the contents are succinct and crisp without being too verbose, while also covering the best software engineering practice from TDD, CI/CD, and AWS deployments.
    - Jacky

  40. This tutorial is one of the most in-depth yet beginner-friendly tutorials I have ever come across. It opens you up to the full-stack, including a lot technologies that are relevant to the field today! What I really appreciated about his approach was the TDD aspect. Not many tutorials go through that pattern. The way Michael explains things is simple and easy to grasp. He even includes little gotchas that might snag a beginner, which I found incredibly useful as well.
    - Dalton Stegner

  41. The microservices course is an absolute game changer. With a background in Python, I turned my attention to learning React to build a web app. After weeks and weeks of trying to piece together different tutorials online, I still had a really hazy idea of how to piece together a fully functional web application. I finally found this course on testdriven.io. For the first time, I got to see a fully developed project, with up to date software and development practices. I can’t thank Michael enough for helping turn my idea into a reality.
    - Nicholas Torba

  42. I went to a top university for Computer Science, and I say that only to let you know that Michael's microservices course has gotten me further in software engineering than any course I took there or found in the various MOOC platforms online. It's a primer for everything you need to know to get a web platform up and running: databases, front-end development, testing, cloud services, and much more that I haven't even explored yet. Only took about half of the course to get my own website (hautell.com) up and running, and I still go back to this course as a reference.
    - Shay Sayed

  43. Michael's "Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React" course is a complete walkthrough, starting from scratch, of how to build a full production-ready application based on microservices architecture. This content is worth every penny. The course may seem overwhelming as it touches on so many topics (Flask, React, Docker, AWS, CI/CD, TDD, etc), but Michael did a brilliant job to put it all together in an easy to follow manner. After finishing the course, I am certain that you will find yourself revisiting this course periodically as reference documentation in your work.
    - André Santos

  44. Over the last few weekends I've been reading a lot of the tutorials on TestDriven.io and I needed to reach out and say thank you! They are hands down some of the best tutorials I've ever come across. They’re clear, easy to follow, and also show you how to build a real-life app or "product". I come from a non-CS background but now work as a data scientist. Your tutorials and content truly inspire me to learn web development because I find it really fun, challenging, and rewarding to build something. Id consider my analytics and data science skill set more valuable if I could build and deliver a product on top of them.
    - Yannis Katsaros

  45. I wholeheartedly endorse the microservices course. Michael Herman is a fantastic teacher.
    - William Hakizimana