Part 1, Chapter 2


  • Updated all libraries to most recent versions.
  • Removed nose and replaced assert_* functions with basic Python assert statements.
  • Fixed breaking Docker container. (Issue caused by pointing to edge instead of latest-stable.)
  • Updated screen shots for new Angular 8 welcome screen.
  • Implemented RxJS 6.x webSocket() function.


  • Fixed Channels dependencies.


  • Bumped versions of Docker, Redis, Angular, Python, Django, Django Channels, and other Python dependencies.
  • Renamed directories, Docker Compose services, and Django projects and apps to be more clear.
  • Added instruction for creating admin pages.
  • Changed unique Trip identifier from MD5 hash to UUID.
  • Beefed up Docker instruction with a lot of new content.
  • Added step-by-step guide (with screenshots) for using Google Cloud Platform.
  • Replaced deprecated Angular Toastr package with new one.
  • Added directory structure diagrams.
  • Added more explicit code examples.
  • Added more frequent test runs.
  • Added more screenshots.


  • Fixed confusing step in the "WebSockets" chapter.
  • Added example code repo that includes tags for each part.
  • Added a link to the taxi-app code repo in the course introduction.

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