Python Clean Code: Keep your function arguments at a minimum

Python Clean Code Tip:

Keep your arguments at a minimum.

Ideally, your functions should only have one to two arguments. If you need to provide more arguments to the function, you can create a config object which you pass to the function or split it into multiple functions.


# This is bad
def render_blog_post(title, author, created_timestamp, updated_timestamp, content):
    # ...

render_blog_post("Clean code", "Nik Tomazic", 1622148362, 1622148362, "...")

# This is good
class BlogPost:
    def __init__(self, title, author, created_timestamp, updated_timestamp, content):
        self.title = title = author
        self.created_timestamp = created_timestamp
        self.updated_timestamp = updated_timestamp
        self.content = content

blog_post1 = BlogPost("Clean code", "Nik Tomazic", 1622148362, 1622148362, "...")

def render_blog_post(blog_post):
    # ...