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Can you help?

If you come across an error or omission in a tutorial, please email us. It can be something simple (like bumping referenced dependencies) or complex (like summarizing a new feature added to a library). The best part? We'll pay you $75 to $150 for updates based on the quantity and quality of the change.

Part-time Content Maintainer

Help us keep things up-to-date and running smooth. This role is perfect for engineers who enjoy technical writing, working with lots of different tools and technologies, and continuous learning.

Our legacy content needs constant revision to stay relevant. Plus, building and maintaining the learning platform takes considerable time. In this role, you'll spend about 75% of your time updating existing courses and tutorials. The remaining time will be spent on small engineering tasks.

About You

You're a software engineer that enjoys technical writing. Since we focus on intermediate to advanced level content, it’s vital that you are an engineer first and a writer/teacher/educator second.

Ready to get started?

Shoot us an email. We'd love to see any open-source code you've written, projects you've launched, or writing you've published.

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